Feggari is the highest peak of the entire Evros and is located on Samothrace,  on the mountain Saos. Its height is 1,611 meters above sea level and it is the highest island peak in Greece, after the mountains of Crete and Evia.
Mountain Saos of Samothrace is often referred to as Feggari. The name of the peak derives from the popular assumption that the mountain is so tall that it hides even the moon (feggari – moon). The mountain range covers most of the island, with overgrown slopes and a bare top, it hosts numerous creeks and springs.
The streams that cross Feggari form impressive waterfalls and the famous vathres of Samothrace, natural pools in the cavities of rocks. The most famous river of Feggari is Fonias, which on its way to the sea forms the waterfall Klidosi, of 35 meters high!
The most common ascent on Feggari begins from Therma, it is quite difficult and takes about six hours. The landscape with the plane trees, the oaks and the ferns impresses hikers, while the view from the top is breathtaking.
According to mythology and Homer, from Feggari, the top of Saos, is from where an angry Poseidon watched the Trojan war.


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