Fonias – Klidosi

Although its name has negative connotations, river Fonias  (Killer) on Samothrace hides some of the most beautiful natural landscapes of the island on its banks and waterfalls. Klidosi is the largest waterfall of Fonias, with a height of about 35 meters. The hike Fonias – Klidosi traverses the foot of the mountain of Samothrace, Saos, is not particularly difficult, takes about two hours and if you have a moderate physical condition, you will be fine.
The hike Fonias – Klidosi starts from the Bridge of Fonias, near Therma  and continues through the trees along the riverbank. During summer Fonias is only a gurgling stream, nevertheless, passing through the river is considered dangerous and should be avoided.
After twenty minutes of an easy hike through nature, the route Fonias – Klidosi is getting to the first vathra . It is the natural pool of Fonias, with the small waterfall that attracts most people, since they are easily accessible. In the rest of the hike Fonias – Klidosi, the landscape changes: the trail becomes steep, passing through old tree roots and rocks to lead to the second and even more striking vathra of Fonias.
Things get even more difficult as the hike Fonias – Klidosi rises higher on mountain Saos. But the moment hikers see Klidosi, is worth any hardship on the way. The impressive waterfall of Fonias cascades from a height of 35 meters. It forms a beautiful rock pool (vathra) where everyone dives at the end of the hike and enjoys swimming in the waterfall – a truly exotic experience!


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