Fonias is the most famous river on Samothrace, which looks like a torrent and flows through landscapes of magical beauty, as far as possible from the negativity that its name carries (fonias – killer). It springs from the peaks of mountain Saos, the highest mountain of Evros and flows into the Thracian Sea, in northeastern Samothrace.
According to tradition, Fonias got its name either because once there was a death in its rapid waters or because the medieval tower  located next to its banks at the mouth of the river, was once a murder scene. In any case, today Fonias is a beautiful small river, with crystal clear waters that form some of the most beautiful vathres  of Samothrace.
There is a hiking trail that will allow you to experience the beauty of Fonias, which is easily traversed, especially till you reach the first vathra. The most beautiful and impressive part of Fonias however, is Klidosi. It is a waterfall with a height of 35 meters, whose waters fall with a deafening noise, forming a magical vathra in the rocks. The testimonies of swimmers in the waterfall of Klidosi talk about an unforgettable life experience!

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