The natural beauties of Samothrace are countless. Wherever you go on the island, you will find something to admire from the artwork of nature that has created on the island of Cabeiri countless landscapes to charm its visitors. Kremastos is one of these “works of art”.
The waterfall Kremastos is located in southern Samothrace and you can only approach it by the excursion boats that go round the island. This is because Kremastos falls directly into the sea and not into one of the many vathres of Samothrace . Its most impressive feature, however, is this: its waters fall directly into the sea from a height of almost 100 meters! In summer, even though the waterfall is not particularly fast-flowing, it still creates a unique natural landscape, while in winter the waters cover the entire cavity of the rock.
Visitors have the opportunity to dive in the emerald waters of the Aegean sea and swim under Kremastos, and even to quench their thirst from its water, which is crystall clear and of course fresh, even though you are in the sea!
The gorge of Kremastos is one of the most impressive of Samothrace for the lovers of canyoning.

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