Lagoon of Agios Andreas

The Lagoon of Agios Andreas is located in the northwestern part of Samothrace, west of the port of the island, Kamariotissa. The area is called Akrotiri and it is an almost completely “blocked” from mainland part of the sea, which communicates with the rest of the sea by a small opening. This narrow channel is located in the southwestern part of the Lagoon of Agios Andreas, which occupies a total area of ​​120 acres. The maximum depth of the lagoon is five meters, but the average depth is only one and a half meters.

The Lagoon of Agios Andreas is one of the most important wetlands of Samothrace, from where many species of migratory birds pass through on their migratory way, before or after the most important station of the wider region, the Evros Delta.

Samothrace is one of the Greek islands that nature has endowed with abundant springs and, as a result, with a lot of vegetation, providing for an unhindered development of all the creatures. The Lagoon of Agios Andreas is in itself an ecosystem for the birds and the fish fauna of the region.

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