Pyrgos tou Fonia

The beach called Pyrgos tou Fonia (Tower of the Killer) is located at the northeastern end of Samothrace. The landscape is dominated by a medieval tower, which stands in ruins. This is one of the fortifications on the island, the Towers of Samothrace , although scientists believe it was built later than the other towers. According to tradition, on Pyrgos tou Fonia a killing once took place, and thus, the negative name!
The other explanation is that the Pyrgos tou Fonia, as well as the beach and the whole area, took their name from the stream that estuates here into the sea. Fonias, in whose waters it is said that someone once died, is the most popular and famous torrent of Samothrace, that forms on its way to the sea some of the best vathres.
Pyrgos tou Fonia beach has its own beauty: gray pebbles and blue waters. The waters of Fonias and the landscape with its medieval Tower of Fonias, make up a special and unique landscape.

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