Tis Grias Ta Pania

On the southern coast of the island, only accessible by boat, you will find Tis Grias Ta Pania (The Old Woman’s Sails), one of the natural attractions on Samothrace. This is a strange geological formation on the rocks of the coastline, that resembles huge pieces of fabrics. Locals are calling it Tis Grias Ta Pania, combining the location with one of the ancient legends of Samothrace.
The legend surrounding Tis Grias Ta Pania, says that once here lived an old woman whose only companions where her goats. One day, she had left her clothes on the rock to dry, a strong wind blew that tore them apart and threw them on the shore. Sad and embittered, the old woman cursed them to  petrify, and that was what happened! Tis Grias Ta Pania are nothing but the clothes of that old woman, left on the gray rock, distinguishable only by the pure white lines traversing the rock.
Very close to Tis Grias Ta Pania lies the impressive waterfall Kremastos  and the magical beach of Vatos, both also accessible only by boat.

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