Towers of Samothrace (Gateluzzi towers)

The Towers of Samothrace are located at strategic points throughout the island and are mostly preserved in a good condition. Built as fortifications by the Genoese conquerors of Samothrace, the Gateluzzi, around the middle of the 15th century. Along with the castle in Chora, the Towers of Samothrace helped to tackle raids, especially from pirates, who then were the biggest threat.
The Gateluzzi towers in Chora  and Paleopolis  are square buildings and have dimensions 10×11,7 meters. In Chora, the location where now stand the Towers of Samothrace, was first fortified when populations moved there from the coast, around the 10th century. Today’s buildings are from the Genoese, dating from 1430.
The three Towers of Samothrace in Paleopoli were built on the imposing cliff above the ancient port from ancient material collected from the port. They are preserved in a very good condition, while the largest tower has a height of 20 meters and bears the embossed emblem of Gateluzzi.
In the mouth of the River Fonias, southeast of Therma, is the “Tower of Fonias “, another one of the Towers of Samothrace and it is estimated that it was built a little later than the rest, during the Paleologos’ rule. It is a square building, measuring 11,5×11,5 meters and the walls, which have a thickness of more than two meters, were constructed with river stones.

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