Vathres are the ponds formed in various parts of the island of Samothrace, from the countless sources and hundreds of streams of the island. The majority of the streams forming vathres spring from the mountain Saos  and this is an exceptionally beautiful natural phenomenon, with “natural pools” formed among the rocks and beneath towering evergreen plane trees.
In the vathres of Samothrace the landscape has a magical energy: the sound of the flowing, gurgling water, the isolation that the visitor feels in the nature and the sense of eternity that the mysterious island exudes, all compose an unreal atmosphere – one expect to see … and hear the mountain elves and the water fairies!
The most known vathres on Samothrace are the vathres of the river Tsivdogiannis, with the most exeptional being the Gria Vathra, located near Therma. From here begins also the ascent on Fegari , the highest peak of the region of Evros.
The largest stream of Samothrace is Fonias, with a waterfall that reaches 35 meters high, at “Klidosi”. At its mouth lies the tower of Fonias, which has been there since the Middle Ages. Other streams of the island are those of Karagiannakis, Platia, Arapi, Xeropotamos, Kremastos, Agistros and Giali. On their passage through nature they also form their own vathres and countless, smaller and larger, waterfalls.

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