Santorini - Beaches

The beaches of Santorini are among the most impressive sights of the island and swimming in them is a truly unique experience. The impressive volcanic landscape when combined with the clean, clear water, fully organized or completely isolated beaches - depending on your choice - makes swimming in Santorini a unique lifetime experience that everyone should enjoy. Perhaps the sunset as seen from Oia is considered as the top experience for visitors to Santorini, but the beaches of the island are so unique they definitely should not be missed. Just think that you are swimming in volcanic waters, in such a complicated and newly formed environment, combined with the unique rock formations of the land, whose colors vary from dark brown, almost pitch black of the volcano, to ocher, and even red, - a picture so unreal that perhaps you will agree with those that say, that if the Moon had beaches, they would resemble those of Santorini! One could say that the beaches are divided into two categories, independent of geographical criteria: the vibrant, most popular and well-organized and the secluded, quieter, which however might have some type of organization, providing umbrellas and sun beds or a, usually undercut in the rocks, canteen on the beach that offers guests the necessary ... goodies. Otherwise, one can start the tour of the island from Oia, the northernmost point, go to Akrotiri and return back the other way so as to get to know most of the beaches of Santorini: the endless black sand on the east coast overlooking the Aegean, Baxedes, Kamari, Perissa, Perivolos, the impressive rock formations to the south, on Vlychada, Red and White Beach, the small beaches of the caldera, Thermi, Plaka, Armeni and Ammoudi, all so different from each other, with one common element: the almost mystical atmosphere of the island that everyone understands in their own personal way... If one could classify the beaches of Santorini based on their popularity, then the first place would be occupied by the Red Beach, on the southeastern coast. An impressive bay with red volcanic rocks creating a unique landscape, clear blue sea and ... people from all over the world! Next to it also lies the most important archaeological site on the island, the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri, which also attracts many visitors. Very close by is also the White Beach, with its unique for the island white landscape. The white hue of the rocks here makes the beach a very special choice. Access is difficult, but the experience is really worth it. The colors of Santorini are completed with the Black Beach - an informal, but … quite informative name. Essentially there are three straight and very long beaches on the east coast, north of the Red and White beaches. Kamari beach is to the north of the rock of Mesa Vouno, which divides the shore and on top of which stands the ancient Thira, an impressive archaeological site, and to the south of Kamari are Perissa and Perivolos - the three broad beaches, with the fine black sand that gave them their unofficial name. All three are fully organized, covering all tastes, with crystal clear waters, ideal for both swimming and water sports. They also offer very easy access - which means that they are always crowded, but, due to their size, you will never feel “suffocated", as there is always plenty of space. Among the colorful beaches of Santorini we must also include Vlychada, an equally long shore where the landscape is dominated by yellowish rocks. They raised many meters above the ground and seem carved by the most competent sculptor, making those who visit the beach agree that nature really outdid itself there. Further north, almost at the center of the island, the Exo Gialos Karterados and the adjacent Exo Gialos Fira are also two of the most popular beaches of Santorini, as they are very close to Fira. Next to them are Monolithos to the south and Pigadia tou Vourvoulou, in the north, two small and peaceful beaches, ideal for families. Going towards Oia, you will encounter Pori, the favorite destination of locals, Columbo, the beach opposite the undersea volcano, and Baxedes, the wide beach of fine black sand. The beaches of the caldera start from Oia and the busy Ammoudi, ideal for endless dives, and the quieter Armeni, situated just below the village. If you seek tranquility away from the noisy streets of the village, you can visit Kantharos. Continuing the tour of Santorini beaches along the caldera, going towards Imerovigli and Fira, you will find small coves, such as Mouzakia, that await to be discovered by boat, while farther south,  Megalohori, Thermi and Plaka with the thermal springs offer you the unique experience of swimming while enjoying the best volcano view.
  • Perivolos

    Perivolos is one of the most popular beaches of Santorini, frequented mainly by young people.

  • Red Beach

    The spectacular Red Beach of Santorini is located in the south, near Akrotiri.

  • White Beach

    The White Beach of Santorini is unique due to the white color of its rocks.

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