Santorini - Culture

The culture of Santorini is impressive and among the most distinguished of Greece, both because of the island’s extremely interesting past and for its most recent achievements. Among the attractions of Santorini that are worth visiting is certainly the basilica of Agia Irini, discovered in Perissa that probably gave Santorini its modern name. The Mansion of Argyros in Mesaria, the Megaro Gyzi in Fira , as well as the Bellonio Foundation are all masterpieces of the more recent architectural styles. In order to truly get to know Santorini, one should definitely visit the castles of the island (especially the one in Emporio is the best preserved) but also the canaves ie the traditional wineries and the undercut cavern houses - the traditional houses of Santorini. On the southwestern tip of the island stands the Lighthouse of Akrotiri, with the endless view of the caldera and the sea.   The churches of Santorini are also an important part of the local culture, and Panagia Episkopi, built in the 11th century, is considered to be the most impressive church of the island, followed by the Monastery of Prophet Ilias, Panagia tou Kalou, Panagia Sergena, Agia Matrona, Theotokaki and many other . In the museums of the island the history of the region is unfolded, from both historical and folklore aspects, while the island hosts the world's only Wine Museum in a cavern. The archaeological sites of the island are also highly valued, as the prehistoric settlement of Akrotiri is considered one of the most important in the Mediterranean, while Ancient Thira, on top of Mesa Vouno Mountain offers its visitors plenty of thrills. Finally, the cultural traditions of the island, as they are kept both through the traditional festivals, as well as through the local products and the famous local wine, give the visitor a full picture of the importance of the island over time.

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