Perivolos, one of the most popular beaches of Santorini, attracts every year thousands of visitors who come here to enjoy the sun, sand and the Aegean Sea. It is located in the southeastern part of the island and is essentially the extension (to the south) of Perissa beach, which is also equally popular. The beach is situated close to Emporio, while Fira are approximately 10 km away. Next to Perivolos one can also find the village and the beach of Agios Georgios. You can reach the shore either by car (there is free parking available at several points) or by public transportation, as there are frequent bus connections.

The beach is truly immense, one of the most beautiful of the island: the fine black sand, very typical of most beaches of Santorini, forms here a wide and long shore, capable of … delighting every visitor. It is fully organized for the most part, however, it also offers the possibility for calm and relaxation to anyone who wants to avoid the noisy beach bars that are full of young people – one could also say that Perivolos is the favorite beach of young people that come to Santorini from every corner of the earth.

They prefer it not only for the beach bars that offer endless entertainment day and night and cocktails by the sea, but also for the restaurants, ranging from the sophisticated kitchen with a classier mood to traditional seaside taverns serving all types of local delicacies. They also choose Perivolos because it gives the opportunity to enjoy all kinds of water sports: you can rent jet skis, canoes, water bicycles, or try out your skills in diving or beach volley – everything is possible on Perivolos!

As you might have expected, umbrellas and sun beds are available all along the beach and all that’s left for the guests is to choose the cafe where they will enjoy the sun and the sea. The beach faces the open sea and offers an endless view that goes all the way to Anafi, when the atmospheric conditions permit it. This however has the disadvantage of the beach being exposed to southern winds – not that this prevents the fans of Perivolos from coming, so whenever you visit the coast, you are sure to encounter many people.

The coastal road, situated right behind the beach, is the focus of attention because of the stores one can find there. Especially during summer afternoons many prefer to enjoy their walk, before they decide to sit down to eat or get a drink by the sea. A marriage ceremony is also quite a frequent sight on the beach of Perivolos, since many, in their vast majority foreigners, choose the shore as the romantic setting of this important moment in their lives.

When visiting Perivolos, if you also want to see some of the closest attractions, then ancient Thira, atop Messa Vouno Mountain situated at the beginning of Perissa beach is a must. There are the remains of the most important perhaps ancient city of the island that comprise today an impressive archaeological site, which also offers its visitors an endless view across the southeastern part of Santorini. In Perissa, the closest settlement to Perivolos beach, there is the largest church on the island, the church of the Holy Cross with the five domes, as well as the Museum of Minerals and Fossils.

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