Ano Syros

Ano Syros is the oldest settlement on the island of Syros. It is inhabited continuously since its foundation, made ​​by Venetian rulers in early 1200. It has the peculiarity that the majority of residents is Catholic in religion, but Greek speakers, as well as maintains the tradition of the founding of the village.

Ano Syros is from the port of Ermoypolis approximately 3.5 kilometers and is essentially the continuation of the great city of Syros to the hill. It’s all built on the slopes of the hill on top of which there is the Metropolis of Catholic, Sa Tzortzis, as it is usually called to the island.

The entire settlement of Ano Syros keeps its medieval character and has remained unchanged for centuries. Among the white house with arches is not allowed automobile traffic, which anyway is not easy due to the countless stairs crossing the village.

The attractions in Ano Syros – beyond the settlement itself – are countless: too many Catholic churches among the houses, and the gates of the old castle (of which also is realized ​​the entrance to the old city), the Historical Archive, the bust the large rebetis Mark Vamvakaris who has lived here, the Cultural Center and many others.

Ano Syros has of course an excellent tourist infrastructure, with rental rooms between old houses, restaurants and taverns serving all local delicacies.

By 2010, Ano Syros was the capital of the homonymous municipality of the island – even the building of the Town Hall is one of its sights. Then, it is joined in the municipality of Syros, became the historical office and today has about 1,200 residents.

Although, there is road access provincially of Ano Syros, the best way to visit is by foot from Ermoypoli.

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