Boheme del Mar

Boheme: Bohemia. resident coming from this region of the Czech Republic.

Traditionally it was the place where wandering groups of street performers (jugglers, magicians, acrobats, dancers, etc.) camped to rest and prepare for the next performances after the end of the tour. Their stay in the area was accompanied by a dissolute lifestyle, parties with music, dancing and freedom in personal relationships away from any social conventionality. Thus, as the time went by, the word came to mean a carefree man who is not interested in cares of everyday life and not only a resident of Bohemia.

In Greece the term first appeared along with rebetiko song and was used without any particular positive or negative meaning.

Boheme del Mar:
It is a coffee-bar in the port of Ermoupoli, which as its name implies, understands life and fun as an endless way towards a “logical deregulation of all the senses.” So far counts it has a thirteen years successful route and some peole believe that this is due to the lyric of Spanish Cabra Mecanica that is written on the wall: “the lack of love fills the bar.”

The interior decoration of Boheme del Mar is characterized by a semantic choreography of aesthetic allusions ranging from Baroque to the punk and the modern urban landscape to the comic. It is a puzzle of ideas and concepts, a heady intellectual cabaret which leads to unexpected DIY results.
The music of the bar follows the same basic principles.

And when rock, tango, garage, flamenco, electro are mixed with beers and tequila, the result can only be interesting.

The daily rotation of DJ adds the element of surprise and in combination with Live music events, book presentations, exhibitions and other events, the word “bored” is  unknown in Boheme Del Mar.

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