Capuchin Monastery

The Capuchin monastery in Ano Syros is dedicated to Agios Ioannis. The monastery was founded, in 1635, by the King Louis XIII of France and currently has no monks, only the Abbot. These monasteries played a very important role in the religious and social life of the people, during the Frank occupation, as they used to impart justice and founded schools and hospitals.

In the courtyard of the Monastery of Capuchin met the elders of the island and in the basement of Agios Ioannis there are crypts that originally served to protect against pirate raids.

It is said that the Turk Kadis that was in Syros, ran to be hidden in the Capuchin monastery whenever pirate ship appeared on the horizon. From 1896 and after, these caches hosted bones and tombstones of the old families from Ano Syros.

In the wider area of the Capuchin Monastery are located, apart from the historical temple of Agios Ioannis (who was the Catholic Cathedral of the island for the period (among 1639 to 1652), guesthouse and chapel.

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