Cheese “San Michalis”

The Cheese “San Michalis” produced exclusively in northern side of Syros, at place in the village of St. Michael. It is the most expensive Greek cheese is Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), with the retail price to reaching 23 per kilo.

It prepared from fresh local ingredients, which produced under certain conditions in the region. The raw material for cheese “Sa Michalis” is cow’s milk of Syros, which produced from cows that live in this area of ​​the island and feed with the flora. After, becoming special treatment with traditional technology and produced a total of 46 tons of cheese “San Michalis» annually. For every pound of cheese has needed 10 pounds of milk.

The cheese “San Michalis” has salty and spicy taste and cylindrical shape. It is hard, white to yellowish white, table, characteristic aroma and solid mass with very small irregular holes.

Customary the cheese “San Michalis” be eaten alone, with bread or fruit, but it is also used in many local dishes.

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