Customs Office

The building where the Customs Office is accommodated is next to the sea shore and is one of the first monumental buildings a visitor can see. It is on the other side of the port’s pier, on Petros Rallis coast in Ermoupolis. This magnificent building was designed and constructed by Alexandros Georgandas, in 1859-1861.

The Customs Office of Syros is a duplex with marble masonry and many marble details. The second floor has biphora and triphora windows that give aesthetically beautiful results, while the end parts of the facade are specifically highlighted and seem like turrets.

On the ground floor of the Customs Office a row of square columns ending in arcs creates an oblong gallery. On the roof there is a wide molding with many densely-arranged friezes that create a beautiful sense. The Customs Office of Syros is built next to the Warehouses.

A part of it was destroyed by bombardments during WWII but it was rebuilt following the original blueprints. Nowadays, the postwar built jetty is a station for vessels requiring customs contro.

Furthermore, a modern square was created after WWII in front of the Customs Office, where we can find a monument in honor of Greek sailors (placed there in 1974), called Monument of the Inconspicuous Sailor, an important piece of art from the well known sculptor, Giannis Pappas. Last but not least, visitors have the opportunity to see in the horizon the islet “Gaidaros” (or “Didimi”) with its tall stone lighthouse.


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