All year long customs and tradition come alive in Syros. Anyone lucky enough to be there during the period when a custom is revived is sure to enjoy a magnificent experience. Most important of all the customs are the following: Easter, Carnival and the Pig Feast (“Chirosfagia”), the last one taking place before Christmas.

However, there are many customs revived all over Syros

  • “Fotarides” in Kini village: The 15th of August every family is charged to decorate the windowsills with jack-o-lanterns, but instead of pumpkins they use tin cans. Children, however, enjoy decorating the sea shores and the village. This custom creates scenery of unique beauty.
  • “Kleidonas” in Chroussa: The 24th of June all locals gather to the former primary school of the village and light fires using may flower wreaths. It is the custom called “Kleidonas”, the fires of Saint John.
  • “Koulouma” (Clean Monday) in Galissas: On Clean Monday people fly kites. It’s an unofficial competition that creates a colorful sky and winner is the one who flies the kite higher. There is, of course, live music from the local orchestra and traditional delicacies to celebrate the day.

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