Easter in Syros

Easter in Syros is unique, not only because of the beauty of the island but also because of the catholic and orthodox communities that celebrate Easter together. It is one of the few cases that this happens, especially under Pope’s special permission.

The sepulchrals of the Orthodox start their procession from the churches of Saint Nikolaos, of the Assumption and of Transfiguration of Jesus, on Good Friday. They meet in Miaoulis square, in Hermoupolis, with the catholic sepurchrals, that begin from the catholic church ofSaint Georgios in Ano Syros and the church of Evaggelistria in Hermoupolis. The faithful that follow the orthodox sepurchrals they hold poles with tunics, dice and sponges, in an attempt to show the passion of Christ.

After Easter liturgy, Catholics process the statue of Jesus in a golden canopy, decorated with lemon blossoms and lilacs, accompanied with banners from the different fraternities.

The touching atmosphere that surrounds the island makes all visitors –Greeks and many foreigners- to consider this experience unique and incomparable.

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