A great number of events take place every year in Syros, both in Hermoupolis but also in the whole island.

  • The “Hermopoulia”

During summer, the municipal Culture Center arranges a series of cultural activities including music, theater, art exhibitions and other visual events, all organized in the “Apollon” theater, the Miaoulis Square, the Gallery or the Culture Center.These events have been established since 1994 and are known as “Hermopoulia”, considered the most remarkable cultural summer event in Syros.

  • Vikeleia

A series of sports events, in honor of Dimitrios Vikelas, first president of the International Olympic Committee

  • August moons

They are organized in August in the municipality of Upper Syros. It is a gathering for the virtuosi of the Rembetiko (a greek kind of music), that we can meet in the cosy taverns and the alleys. This event takes place in honor of the great Greek virtuoso Markos Vamvakaris.

  • In the neighborhood of Markos Vamvakaris.

Every July and August in the municipality of Upper Syros takes place this festival with dancing, musical and theatrical events.

  • “Possidonia”

They take place in the settlements of Vari, Poseidonia and Phoinikas, from summer till the end of the year. They include theatrical events, exhibitions, literature soirees, sand sculptures and sea sports events.

To conclude, there are plenty of cultural events taking place all year long in different cultural spaces, such as the Euanthia Kairi Theater, the Cycladic Islands gallery etc.

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