Both dominant dogmata give their characteristics in the island’s festivals. Most of them are catholic, since the majority of the churches are roman catholic. However, there are festivals organized in orthodox festive days, too.

The most important of them are (in date order):


17/1 Saint Antonios in Megas Gyalos (orthodox)


29/6 Saint Peter in Kini (orthodox)

30/6 Sacred Heart of Jesus in Galissa (catholic)


12/7 Saint Benedict in Ai Michalis (catholic)
18/7 Sainte Marina in Kini (catholic)

18/7 Virgin Mary of Karmilos Mountain in Galissa (catholic)

20/7 Prophet Elias in Episkopeio (orthodox)

26/7 Sainte Paraskevi in Alithini (orthodox)

27/7 Saint Padeleimonas in Papouri (catholic)


2/8 Virgin Mary of Harites in Kini (catholic)

7/8 Metamorphosis of the Saviour in Agros (catholic)

7/8 Saint Kyriakos (Chiriko) in Danakos (catholic)

9/8 Saint George in Kampos (catholic) in the Upper side of Syros
11/8 Memory of the Miracle of Saint Spyridon in Chrousa (orthodox)

15/8 Assumption in Galissas, Kini, Pagos, Episkopeio, Chalandriani (catholic)
17/8 Saint Mamas in Galissas (orthodox)
23/8 Evangelist saint Joan in Plati Vouni (orthodox)

29/8 Saint Jean-Baptist in Alithini (orthodox)



6/9 Birth of Virgin Mary (Mary of the Candles) in Parakopi (catholic)

8/9 Birth of Virgin Mary in Hroussa and Pagos, and in Virgin Mary Lotiani and Virgin Mary Vouliani (Kini)

14/9 Holy Cross in Parakopi, Alithini and Talanda (catholic)
24/9 Virgin Mary Faneromeni in Hroussa (catholic)


1/10 Saints Cosmas and Damian (Unmercenary) in Apano Meria (catholic)

4/10 Saint Michael in Apano Meria (catholic)

8/10 Sainte-Thérèse in Danakos (catholic)

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