Grammata is one of the three northern beaches of Syros with the Great Lakkos and the Old Cave. In Grammata the summer months it is possible to encounter and lovers of free camping under the shadows offering armirikia.

In Grammata many arrive by sea with some of the itineraries of boats ranging from Kini on Northwest beaches of the island (Varvaroussa, Aetos, Aulaki, etc). But there are more adventurous enthusiasts of hiking, who have the option to start from Campos, a region in the upper side of Syros and walking for about an hour in an accessible path to reach up to Grammata.

The beach took its name from the inscriptions outlined by the sailors on the rocks because the bay, in the past, was considered one of the safest coves of Syros. Grammata is completely sheltered from the north winds of the Aegean and quite well by southerly winds.

These inscriptions of sailors with wishes and entreaties to the gods to continue safely their travel are still preserved today in the smooth rocks of Grammata, while, according to archaeologists, dating from classical antiquity to the Middle Age.

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