The Karnagio in Syros is found next to the Neorio shipyard, in the southern part of the Syros Port. It was established there in the middle of the 19th century. Because of the moderate inclination towards the sea, it allowed the hoisting and launching of small vessels, mainly wooden, so as to be treated (paint, cleaning, repairing the wood, all of the known as “karnayarisma”).

In the beginning, the Karnagio was a place only for minor repair but later bigger vessels started being brought, like these of the Tarsanas shipyards.

After the National Regeneration, the first naval units were the big “karnagia” of the epoch, found in Galaxidi, Syros and Poros. In fact, Greece for a specific amount of time had the biggest tanks in the Mediterranean Sea, being one of the biggest shipyard units.

Today, in Karnagio, there are left only a few shipbuilders, with least piece of equipment, like the wooden grids, called “vasya”.


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