Ideal choice for those who search for an isolated sandy beach and crystal clear calm waters on the southern island of Syros is Katergaki.

Located about 10 km from Ermoupoli, Katergaki with its small quiet bay, is ideal for swimming in calm blue waters in an environment of absolute peace.

In Katergaki, you reach by a dirt road about one kilometer that starts from the beach Fabrica just before the village of Vari. A visit to Katergaki requires good preparation (umbrellas, snacks, water, etc.) as the beach is not organized and has no infrastructure beyond a few umbrellas.

Katergaki is considered by locals as a good fishing spot for any kind of fishing, but mainly for snorkeling in rocks that are right and left of the beach.

To get to Katergaki, you will need your own transport as the buses do not reach there and if you have a boat you should head to the nearby harbor of Fabrica to drop anchor.

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