Kritsinis Wine(s) and Spirits

Since 1917, in Ermoypolis of Syros, we in Kritsinis Wine(s) and Spirits gather the experience in order to transfer it to our customers!

This experience of years, the knowledge, constantly updated, and a wine “obsession”, transferred from generation to generation, ensures the quality of our labels, selected with strict criteria of production.

Over 400 labels of Greek, French, Italian and other wine producers from around the world are at your disposal, ready to enrich your jouneys through the sense of taste.

Also, in Kritsinis Wine(s) and Spirits you will find balmy essences (Grappa, Schnapps), exquisite French Cognac, selected Malts, Premium Vodkas, rare Liqueurs, aged Tequilas & Rums, from high-proof Gins to Absinthe and many other quality options.

We also offer unique beer choices and you can take your pick between all possible kinds: Lager, Ale, Pils, Trappiste, Abbey, Weisse and Stout.

The collection of wine accessories will give the definite touch to your delight.

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