Mini Bus

A network of interior itineraries in the capital of Syros, Ermoupoli, is served by Mini Bus, minibuses that you will surely see in the streets of the city to visit.

The Mini Bus is an element of city transportation since 2003, when it was first applied to a route network of itineraries that are served by these buses. They connect various districts and neighborhoods of Syros among them, with the harbor and the city center.

Since I started to move in Ermoupoli the Mini Bus, has significantly improved movement and traffic of the city, while more and more visitors and residents trust them for their transportations as a safe transport in the city.

The itineraries of Mini Bus in Ermoupoli are announced by the municipality and typically we mention here some of the routes serving:

• Sports Center – Port – Doksa

• Market – Lalakia – Deili – Vrontado – Neapoli

• Market – Doksa – Vrontado – Neapoli

Click here to view all routes and departure times of Mini Bus of Syros.

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