Naval Club of Syros

Since Syros is an island with great sailing tradition, it is reasonable to have also one of the most ancient naval clubs in Greece. The Naval Club of Syros is located in Hermoupolis and is occupied with water polo, swimming, sailing (lateen sloops and Bermudan sloops), speedboat training, canoe kayak and underwater activities.

Naval Club of Syros was established in 1893 from a group of wealthy locals and was initially named Eretos Club of Hermoupolis. At that time, the rowing teams were already famous, but they did not last during the decadence of Syros, in the beginning of the 20th century.

In 1933 the water polo team is created by Naval Club of Syros, which was the pinnacle of its success; the men’s team manages to compete in the first national group, meeting many great victories.

Both rowing and sailing have given to Naval Club of Syros many moments of success, while the swimming team is also very active and successful.


Naval Club of Syros is located in the open natatorium of the Sports Center of Hermoupolis, “Dimitrios Vikelas”, with an olympic dimension heated swimming pool.



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