Syrian marshmallow

The Syrian marshmallow is the most famous local product of Syros – there is no way to go through the island and not try!

The history of the Syrian marshmallow comes to the island from the very first refugees from Chios, who had brought knowledge. The first official stamp loukoumopoiou (the Stamatelaki) appears in 1837. Syros was full of crafts manufacturing Syrian marshmallow least until 1960, each of which was making its own product, manufactured and sold it.

The traditional recipe has just three basic ingredients: water, sugar and starch. The Syrian marshmallow wants bakirenio cauldron on the fire, where the loukoumopoios stir constantly until the mixture is ready – from experience and only knows when. Then stretching out on a floured sheet and leaves it to the laboratory overnight. Only then puts it in loukoumoskoni {powdered sugar}, cut into small pieces and packs that are order to ready for sale.

It is said that the water’s of Syros which makes Syrian marshmallow to stand out and some add the climate. The visitor will find it with different flavors: mastic, rose, almond, peanut, Indian coconut, bergamot, rose sugar and others. Previously, the factories workers in Syros, taking with them for newly, while today Syrian marshmallow “came with” every event in the life of the island.

In your wake from the island alone, you will see vendors of Syrian marshmallow with the white shirts who climb aboard ship and sell to travelers the famous Syrian delicacy!

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