Taxis are a great solution to meet the visitor the island of Syros. As the road network is very good the access from Ermoupoli, but all other movements can be done very easily, quickly and comfortably, if the visitor chooses to use taxis.

As Syros is a relatively small island in size, the distances are not far exceeding the 12 km almost ever. Thus, following the recent changes in the operation of taxis in Syros, now moving with taxis is economical.

Taxis in Syros have silver color and have two ranks, one in port (Côte papaya and Heroes Square) and the other in the hospital of Ermoupoli. However, chances are that you will find   taxis in any tourist part of Syros yourself. Moreover, for some time, the call for a taxi in Syros  no charges are extra, nor the appointment, so the cost can be reduced significantly and becoming a taxi as a key means of transportation on the island

Indicative, charges (approximately) paths in Syros are:

Ermoupoli Galissas: 10 euros

Ermoupoli Weights: 10 euros

Ermoupoli Posidonia: 12 euros

HERMES Taxi phones where you can call a taxi in Syros are:

Syros 22810 84222

SYROS taxi 22810 88222 (local charge)

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