It is the most successful sport of Syros. Volleyball has brought the most metals in the island.


Already since the 80’s locals started enjoy volleyball systematically, initially with the establishment of the Sports Club Phoinikas. Even if in the beginning Phoinikas was a football club, the devotion and love of the administration and the members for volleyball made them focus on it.

So, Phoinikas is the first team to compete in the first national group ever! It was the first time even for a cycladic team. Volleball`s team of Phoinikas has brought to Syros the first and only –till now- national award, League Cup of Greece, in 2011.

Phoinika`s volleyball team is located is based in the indoor gym of Hermoupolis, and red-blue is its colors.

Actually, there are other Sports Clubs in Syros, too, that have volleyball academies, like S.C. of Aris, Megas Alexandros and Ase Neoriou. These academies have teams and classes of all ages.


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