The Warehouses in the pier of Syros’s port, were built in 1834-1839 with public expenditure and designed by I.B. Erlacher under the stewardship of Wilhelm von Weiler. The building measures 122 m. in length, with two symmetrical wards, following the old coastline.

The floor with the roof tiles in the middle section of the Warehouses was built a few years after the ground floor, while the rest of it was built in the same period as the neighboring Customs Office, in 1859-61, but has its own morphology.

In each ward there used to be Warehouses. In front of them there was a gallery with big arch-like openings, but nowadays they are built. The barges could reach the building by the sea and unload their cargo directly in the gallery.
The Warehouses had an entrance only by the gallery and arched windows on the back side. The outside masonry was plastered and had relatively small stones.

Already since the interwar years the Warehouses were no longer operating as initially planned. However, the indoors modifications for the establishment of public services has not harmed the outside of the building.

In 1994 the Cyclades Art gallery was established in four Warehouses of the southern ward. The art gallery periodically accommodates exhibitions and private collections (entrance from the back side of the building).

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