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Argolida’s culture is represented by the archeological sites that extend all the way down to the sea coast, by the churches that are hundreds of years old and by the cultural points of interest that grasp the attention and curiosity of the visitors. Many consider that the rich culture of Argolida has influenced various populations from across the world.

Every inch of Argolida is covered with cultural points of interest that come in many forms and sizes. Ancient ruins of the once proud acropolis standing tall on the top of the hills looking down at the valleys, religious monuments dating back to the Mycenaean Age, cities decorated with neoclassical buildings and famous museums, are only a few examples.

It is a place with long history and reach culture. Old traditions and customs are still alive with the older generations and are transferred to the newer generations.

Argolida is a main core of culture and entertainment from the ancient times till today. It is a place worth discovering!

  • O Kipos

    Delicacies from the local cuisine of Argolis and not only in the restaurant “O Kipos”. View more details for a wonderful place to enjoy your food.

  • La Gratella

    La Gratella reastaurant is located in Nauplio in Argolida and promises to travel you to Italy with its great dishes.

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