Argolis - Transportation

Transportation to and from Argolida is easy and convenient for the travelers. There are hourly bus routes that last around 90- 120 minute, depending the destination. The KTEL (bus) services located in Kifisos in Athens, also have hourly routes to Argolifa. By car the visitor will have to cover a distance of 150 kilometers, which translates to approximately 1.5 hours, by taking the national highway Athens- Tripoli.

During Christmas day, New Year’s Eve day and Easter day the routes are less frequents. On Fridays, Sundays, during holidays and according to popular demand, more are added to the already scheduled ones. For more information on the local routes, please contact Argolida KTEL at 27520 27323 – 8011144000 or check their website

During summer season, there are also frequent Flying Dolphin routes to the islands of the Argisaronic Gulf. The Flying Dolphins depart from Tolo.

The best way to wonder around the nome is by car, especially in order to access specific areas that the local transportation does not reach. In its majority the road network has asphalt and is in great condition.

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