Argolis - Villages

Argolida is a nome that has a great number of villages, both on the mountains and the valleys. Some have more residents and other less. However they all have their own character and distinct identity.

The mountain villages have similar characteristics concerning their architecture and design. The have small roads, and difficult to walk paths. The villages are built amphitheatrically, below high peaks and between gorges. At the mountain villages, visitors can come across two- story, stone built houses with wooden loggias that tie in harmony with the natural surroundings. Such villages are Karya, Alea and Neochori and they have long history. The main squares of these villages have a traditional feel to it, as they are decorated with fresh springs and stone built founts. Some villages where already existing, other where created by nomads that settled down in the past of time. Most mountain villages are located close to the cities. Some are 10- 35 kilometers away from Argos or Nafplio, thus are easily accessed, during a short weekend or long vacation. Due to their location they offer a very pleasant coolness, when the plains are suffering from high temperatures. Arachnaio, Traxeia, Limnes and Skoteini are only a few form the many mountain resorts in Argolida.

The villages at the plain are mostly “orange villages”, while some date back to the ancient times, like Koutsopodi, Argoliko, Inachos, New Iraio and Ira. Those villages do not have as many residents. The houses are quite far apart from each other, and in the space between them orange trees and mandarin trees are prominent. Vivari and Kiveri are two great examples of traditional fish villages. Villages like Herminoni, Koilada, Tolo, Myloi and New Kios are located by the sea, thus are excellent options for summer vacations. The offer magnificent beaches to swim in, traditional taverns to try the local treats and options for water sports.

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