Melissaki Villas

Thanasis Karachalios, the manager of Melissaki Villas, is a lover of the culture of Nafplio. Ten years ago we commented his effort to combine pleasure with… pleasure. You can select your breakfast from an exclusive menu and you can be served either at the modern dining area, or at the comfort of your room, upon request.

There are four villas surrounding a big pool. The resort is only a few steps away from Nafplio and the village of Pirgiotika. These four villas will become your personal vacation houses during the days of your stay. Melissaki Villas is located in a quiet and green area, four square miles long. Each villa has a sitting area, a modern dining area, a fully equipped kitchen, two bathrooms, three bedrooms, automatic air condition, heated floor, a traditional fireplace, a library, satellite TV, internet access and a phone. What is really eye catching is the form displaying various treats you can enjoy for your breakfast. The manager will encourage you to fill the form said the previous night, so that the delicious treats of your choice will await you the next morning. For dinner you can benefit from the delivery services provided by a number of taverns around the area. You can have delicious and traditional meals delivered to your doorstep.

Sure enough Melissaki Villas are luxurious, but what will make your stay more memorable is the friendly personnel and the excellent service they will offer you.

The rates of the villas can be adjusted according the number of people sating in them and it also depends to the season.

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