Omorfo Tavern

The indoors venue of the tavern is decorated with local furniture and decorations form Nauplio, as well as from around the world. There small details, such as an old radio, a huge barrel in the corner, a beautiful bougainvillea, that make the tavern fell more like visiting a friend’s house.

Omorfo Tavern is a hidden gem, right beneath Palamidi, within the small streets of the old town of Nauplio. A welcoming atmosphere, fresh salads and satisfying potions awaits you at the tavern. The menu is mostly consisted of traditional Greek dishes, unique hors d’ oeuvres and delicious meat plates. Ask our friendly personnel for the day’s special dishes.

The two brothers, George and Dimitris Tsiolis opened Omorfo Tavern in 1997. Today it is considered a hangout place amongst the locals of Nauplio. All ages render there to enjoy a unique and satisfying menu in a friendly and cozy tavern.

Between services, George is sure to accompany you for a quick chat, since he enjoys approaching his customers, who he mostly sees as friends. During this chat he will be more than happy to go into detail about the dishes, which are prepared by DImitris in a kitchen that complies with the all hygienic rules.

Fresh ingredients, traditional flavors and large portions, are only some of the reasons why Omorfo Tavern has become so popular with the locals and why it is among the first choices for the weekly night out.

We have re-invented the turkey burger the green salad with cheese, the fried zucchini, the crunchy meat with beer sauce and the fried cheese bites.

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