Agios Fanouris

The chapel of Agios Fanouris is located at Vathi, in the district of Cavos. It is small, whitewashed and hidden behind the houses and among the olive groves, just above the road. You can discern it from afar only if you notice its blue doors and windows. From the small balcony of Agios Fanouris, you can see the houses, the beach at Vathi and the islet of Lazaretto, full of pine trees that lies in the middle of the harbor of Ithaca.

Every year on the eve of the traditional feast of Agios Fanouris, on August 26, crowds of worshipers flock Agios Fanouris for the liturgy. Abundant are also the homemade Fanouropites, the traditional pies baked to honor the Saint, that are offered to everyone. According to tradition, it is the Saint who helps you find something you have lost, after you bake this traditional pie and then give it away. On the day of the feast (on August 27), the church celebrates magnificently to honor Agios Fanouris.

Agios Fanouris in Cavos can be reached by following the detour at Vathi that leads to northern Ithaca. Turn left at the first bypass.

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