Ithaca – Vathi

Ithaca is the only town on the island. It is small and picturesque with approximately 1,800 permanent residents.

According to the studiers of Homer, the town is the port of Forkina, where Odysseus returned from the land of the Phaeacians. Vathi has been inhabited since the Venetian rule, while the port of Ithaca is probably the safest natural harbor in Greece and its beauty attracts thousands of visitors. Boats of all kinds, large and small, luxurious or less expensive, cruisers, yachts and sailboats arrive there every summer.

Since 1978, Vathi has been a traditional settlement of the island of Ithaca. The houses are built amphitheatrically round the harbor, while most of them are, according to the Ionian tradition, colorful, two-storied, roof-tiled and with narrow balconies.

The Cathedral of Ithaca is decorated with a wood carved iconostasis of significant value. In Agios Nicholaos of Xenon you will have the chance to marvel at the rare icon of Jesus Elkomenos, an icon considered to be one of the works of El Greco (Dominikos Theotokopoulos), while when visiting Panagia Gardelaki, do not miss the wonderful view!

Vathi has two museums that one can visit, one archaeological and one folklore. In the small pier of the harbor there is a statue of Odysseus: the King of Ithaca is, from one side imperious, looking towards the sea and from the other, he is pictured exhausted, paddling his boat.

Around the coastal road of Vathi, there are many taverns and restaurants, cafes and bars, especially popular with the youth.

The special characteristic of the capital of Ithaca is the small islet of Lazaretto,located in the middle of the harbor, used as a quarantine and as a prison. Today, it is covered with pine trees and the only building left is the church of the Savior.

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