Agios Nicholaos at Mavronas

The church of Agios Nicholas at Mavronas is located in the beautiful homonymous bay, situated just before the port of Kioni, the traditional and picturesque village of northern Ithaca.

According to tradition, Agios Nicholaos at Mavronas used to be a monastery that was built around the 17th century by villagers, after their big victory over the pirates. The pirate invasions against the coastal settlements were frequent at the time and used to completely destroy entire villages. The residents of Kioni built the church of Agios Nicholas at Mavronas, as a way to express their gratitude and faith to the Saint.

It used to operate as a large monastery with various buildings until the 19th century. During the earthquake of 1953, the surrounding buildings of Agios Nikolaos at Mavronas were completely destroyed, but the nave remained intact. At the base of the main temple of Agios Nicholas at Mavronas an ancient column is preserved, probably dating from an ancient Greek temple that preexisted in the area.

According to the official website of the Metropolis of Lefkada and Ithaca, Agios Nicholaos at Mavronas is celebrated on May 10.

Head of the church is the Reverend Harry Koutsouvelis, vicar of Kioni (telephone number to contact him: 26740-31663 and 6976491664).

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