Anogi is the most mountainous village of Ithaca, located at an altitude of 550 meters, on the highest mountain of the island, Nirito. The history of the village begins in Byzantium, when for some time it was the capital of the island, mainly because of its safe position, protecting it from pirates and their frequent invasions.

The central church of Anogi is dedicated to the Assumption of Virgin Mary and dates from the 12th century. The church is full of frescoes and icons by Byzantine artists and the imposing Venetian steeple – a true monument that is worth the visit.

Some of the houses at Anogi are constructions that date back to the past centuries and preserve the traditional architecture: they are made of stone, tall, with narrow doors and windows and small balconies.

It is worth visiting the traditional cafe at the central square of the village and enjoy one of the best traditional feasts of Ithaca that is held on the eve of the feast of Virgin Mary, on August 14.

On the way up to Anogi, the view of the entire island of Ithaca is amazing. However, while visitors approach the entrance of the village, what impresses them, are the huge stone blocks next to the road – the “Menhirs” of Anogi.

The only heliport of Ithaca is located here, at Anogi.

Within a short distance from the village is the historic monastery of Virgin Mary of the Cathars, the patron saint of Ithaca.

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