When you hear Menir, your mind goes immediately to Obelix, from the comic book Astérix, who used the huge stones to defeat the Romans! Nobody expects to find Menirs in Ithaca… Yet at the village of Anogi huge boulders called menirs are scattered everywhere! Indeed, they have the same shape as the ones described in Astérix!

Each menir has a different name: Araklis, for example, is the biggest one and most strange. It has a height of 9m and it is based on a broad rock. Araklis has a fusiform shape! Even though this is a really strange shape, it is actually a natural formation.

To visit the menirs of Anogi, you should take the road to the helipad of the village (which is no longer functional). On your right side you will see a sign that will direct you. Keep walking and soon you will come to a fenced area, where these huge stones are enclosed.

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