Metropolitan Cathedral

The Metropolitan Cathedral is located at Linovrochi, a region of Vathi, in Ithaca, and it is dedicated to the Presentation of Virgin Mary. It is otherwise called Panagia at Linovrochi.

All the important religious ceremonies are held at the Metropolitan Cathedral. The Metropolitan Church of Ithaca was built in 1800 and is located in a narrow alley at the edge of the beach. It is a traditional building, fully integrated in the picturesque settlement of the city of Ithaca. The iconostasis of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Ithaca is wooden and covered in icons. It is generally estimated that these paintings are examples of the post-Byzantine art of 1793, a project completed by an artist of the era, Metsovitis.

It is also estimated that the imposing old steeple of the Metropolitan Cathedral of Ithaca was built in 1820. It constitutes a sample of the Venetian influence on the Ionian Islands, with stone details of Gothic style. It can be distinguished from far away, especially when you visit it by boat, from the moment you enter the harbor.

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