Panagia Spileotissa

Panagia Spileotissa is also known as Panagia in the Caves. It is a chapel in southern Ithaca, situated in a small cave on the mountainside above Antri, the southernmost bay of Ithaca.

To reach Panagia Spilaiotissa, one must walk the path that starts from the plateau of Marathias. The information signs will point out the end of the route by car, and from there one should follow the specific marking of the path: a red circle, colored white in the middle. After walking for 40 minutes in the nature, enjoying the lush flora of the island, you will arrive at the chapel of Panagia Spileotissa.

Every year, hundreds of visitors come to Panagia Sileotissa for the celebration held on July 2nd. Its miraculous icon is kept in the church of the Assumption in Perachori and on that day the believers carry the icon in their hands all the way to the chapel. After finishing the traditional liturgy, the icon returns the same way.

From Panagia Spileotissa you can admire the endless view of the Ionian Sea, to the coast of Lefkada and the Gulf of Patras.

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