The plateau Marathias is located in the southern Ithaca, seven kilometers away from Vathi, near Perachori. It covers a large area of the southern part of the island, with many attractions such as the cave in Rizes, Arethousa Krini, the Homeric spring that you will find by following the path from Anemodouri – and from where you can visit the beach in Pera Pigadi, but also Virgin Mary Spiliotissa, a small chapel the path for which also starts from Marathias.

The view from Marathias is endless: the Ionian Sea, the coast of mainland Greece and the entire south coast of Ithaca, Nisopoulo and the beaches of the bay with countless boats passing incessantly below…

In Marathias is also the area of Elliniko, where excavations indicate a prehistoric settlement, while the findings are now exhibited in the Archaeological Museum of Ithaca.

In recent years, luxury holiday infrastructures have been developed in Marathias, as well as small villas and residences of the locals, who choose to build their homes in the nature. There is a paved road that crosses the plateau of Marathias.

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