Saint John the Theologian

At Perachori, in the courtyard of Agios Rafael, there is a humble chapel. It is dedicated to the Assumption of St. John and it is celebrated on September 26. According to the tradition of the Christian religion, the disciple of Jesus Christ, Evangelist John, died at the age of 105 years in Ephesus, after having spent his entire life preaching the Word of God. A few days after his burial, his students excavated the tomb, but it was empty: Saint John the Theologian had passed into the eternal life.

The church of Saint John the Theologian is old and according to witnesses, this is the church where the national martyr Eugene Karavias was baptized as Metropolitan of Aghialos. He was born in Ithaca in 1752, therefore the church is much older. Centuries later, in the 1980s, next to the small church of St. John,  the Chapel of Agios Raphael was completed. It is believed that Agios Raphael was born and raised in Ithaca and that he was tortured and died as a martyr in Lesvos.

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