Kefalonia – Hiking

Kefalonia is ideal for hiking through the nature, since it is a very green island. The mountain massifs, especially Enos, cover a big part of the island’s surface, contributing to the diversity of the landscape, a trait of Kefalonia that excites the hikers. Hidden beaches and less ‘famous’ peaks, that offer astonishing views of the Ionian sea and the surrounding islands.

There is a big variety of possible routes, for experienced and less experienced hikers, but whichever you choose, it is certain that on your way you will enjoy not only the amazing natural scenery, but also one or more cultural attractions that are scattered throughout Kefalonia, this island with the history that goes back centuries. The paths and routes of Kefalonia are for those visitors, who want to really get to know the island, to penetrate into its depths, to walk through landscapes that ‘are not for everyone’, in order to have an alternative view of the place they are visiting.

The starting points of the paths and routes of Kefalonia vary, depending on where you want to go and the level of difficulty of the hike. The northeastern part of the island and the region of Erisos in the west are covered in lush vegetation, whereas the mountain of Agia Dynati in Pilaros is more bare. Poros is also drowning in vegetation, while the fir of Kefalonia that covers the mountain of Enos will make your hike through the National Park a unique experience.

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