One of the largest and most green islands in Greece, Kefalonia is located approximately in the middle of the Ionian Sea, to the south of Lefkada, north of Zakynthos and west of Ithaca. It has an area of ​​781 sq. km. and is the largest island of the Ionian Islands. Kefalonia is traversed by the mountain range of Ainos, with the highest peak “Mega Soros” at an altitude of 1,628 m.

Its oldest name “Kefalinia” is frequently used, as well as the alternative spelling – “Kefallonia”.

The island was named after the mythical Cephalus – the hero of many ancient Greek myths. In the Homeric texts the island is mentioned under the name “Sami“, which even today is the name of one of the largest towns of the island, while the people who lived there and were led by Ulysses, where called the “Cephallenians”.

It is characteristic that in Kefalonia the names of the villages end in – ata, as well as the surnames of the residents end in – atos, as for example Kourkoumelata and Tzanata and correspondingly “Georgatos” – a very common surname in Kefalonia.

The magic of nature in Kefalonia will not leave you unmoved, as, apart from the rich cultural attractions, archaeological sites and the Venetian castles, the natural beauty of the island is unparalleled. Few beaches in the world can surpass Myrtos in beauty, while all the other beaches in Kefalonia are also of undeniable beauty. Ainos, the “Black Mountain”, covered with rare fir dominates the landscape, while in Kefalonia, you will also have the opportunity to visit sites of unique geological phenomena, such as the Cave of Melissani.

Every corner of Kefalonia is ready to welcome and indulge the wishes of its visitors!