Kefalonia - Various objects

Kefalonia is one of the largest islands in Greece, with a permanent population of 35.590 inhabitants. It covers all the needs of the local residents and visitors, with shops and related services of all kinds. All the central points, particularly the touristic ones, have a market with all the necessary shops. In Argostoli and Lixouri, Poros, Skala, Fiskardo, Sami and many of the inland’s villages, there are shops that will cover your every need.

The self-sufficient market of Kefalonia is situated in Argostoli and the Industrial Area, located at the outskirts of the city. Lithostroto, the main pedestrian street that crosses Argostoli, as well as its parallel street, Sitemporon, gather the majority of the commercial stores in the city, while on the coastal road you will find the fruit and vegetable market, the fish market, even boats that bring fresh fish! All the other towns on the island also have markets with commercial shops, as well as bakeries, supermarkets etc.

The market in Kefalonia is clearly focused on tourism and tourist services, in order to serve fully the needs that arise during the stay of the visitors on the island. Large supermarkets and mini -markets are located everywhere, as well as traditional grocery stores and bakeries, where you will find everything you need!

  • Stamatelatos bookstore

    If you are looking for school supplies, books and stationery you should visit Stamatelatos Bookstore, in Argostoli, Kefalonia.

  • Βookstore Kivos

    Books, Stationery, Photocopies, Laminating, Typing, Musical Equipment, Educational Toys, find them all in the Bookstore Kivos, in Argostoli, Kefalonia.

  • Bosonis art & flowers

    It is the known Anthotechniki that is with you since 1983 using the experience and knowledge in the field of flowers decoration.

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