Bridge of Devoseto

The great stone bridge which dominates on the bay of Argostoli is the project of the Swiss Charles -Philippe De Bosset or in greek Devosseto. It was constructed in 1813 by the engineer and military governor of Kefalonia and officer of the English army. It has a length of one kilometer and was originally wooden. In the middle of the bridge you will encounter a pyramidal monument dedicated to manufacturers. In 2005 the passage of wheeled was prohibited and it is now closed to visitors waiting for the authorities to maintain it as it is necessary for a monument.

By the year of construction of the bridge, the only exit from Argostoli to the rest of Kefalonia necessarily passed round the Koutavos lagoon, which was not only time consuming but also dangerous to public health then, because of diseases existing in the marshy shores and spread mainly by mosquitoes.


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