Chruch of Mother of God Sissiotissa

It is located on the beach of Argostoli  near the end of the Bridge of Devosseto and it is a church of Byzantine style which in its present form was built in 1957. The story of Sissiotissa begins much earlier as it is said that Francis of Assisi founded here the original church at the end of the 18th century. The name of the church originates from Assisi, as a paraphrase of the placename . It worked as a Catholic chapel until he fell into the hands of the Orthodox people of the city. In 1860 the original building was demolished and in its place a new more majestic church was built to satisfy the needs of people from Argostoli. The Kontomichalos, Momferatos and Peristianos families undertook the construction of the new building, the basilica with dome, in Byzantine style , which was used as a cathedral of the city until 1895. The devastating earthquake of 1953 completely razed the building of 1860 to build the current building with the help of the Greek army in 1957. The Virgin Mary Sissiotissa celebrated on November 21st, but here it is celebrated in grand style every year by the Metropolitan of Kefalonia, the Feast of the Epiphany and the Blessing of the Waters. If you find yourself in Sissiotissa, give your attention to the icon of Virgin Mary Portaiitissa, work of 1826 by Andreas Fokas – Cosmetatos.

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